Friday, May 8, 2020

Apex Legends: Season 05 - I'm Ready

I've been having such a good time playing Apex Legends for Season 4. This is the most I've played since it came out. It's fun and challenging. Even when I play with randoms, I can get a win every now and then. But, now Season 5 is about to start and I'm ready for it. A new legend always spices things up. And, this is a story I like with Revenant. Even though I'm terrible when I play him.

I'm all for it as long as it doesn't interfere with the object of the game. I don't want to have to do too many things when I'm trying to get a win. But, I'm looking forward to it. Respawn hasn't let me down yet.

I'll see you online.

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Monday, May 4, 2020

Free Games for May 2020: Xbox Live Gold, Twitch Prime, Playstation Plus

It's the beginning of a new month. And, you know what that means. Free games from your gaming memberships. So, get them while their available.

Starting with Xbox:

Play together with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. May's 2020 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: V-Rally 4 and Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), May begins with Sensible World of Soccer and Overlord II. May's lineup provides over $132 dollars in value and up to 4000 in gamerscore.

Second, Twitch Prime. Twitch always gives the most games to their members every month. 6 games this month. And, if you have Amazon Prime you have Twitch Prime. You just have to link the accounts and your done. The free games are yours. Don't let this benefit go to waste.
  • Avicii Invector 
  • Fractured Minds 
  • Pankapu 
  • Urban Trial Playground 
  • The Little Acre 
  • Snake Pass
PlayStation Plus should be releasing this free games for the month tomorrow. But, the rumored games that are suppose to be free for PS+ members were not welcomed well on social media. So much so, that a petition was started to get PlayStation to change the lineup. We'll see if anything changes. I'll have an update tomorrow. Until then, have fun gaming.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Finally Finished inFAMOUS Second Son

I'm finally done with this game. I've been playing it on and off for years. I got it for free for being a PlayStation Plus. I've always enjoyed the series since PS3. It was fun to play.

 I'm terrible at committing to games for a long time. I spent 5 years on Destiny. I've played since it was in beta. Then, I spent a couple of years on Fortnite. After all that time, I'm still terrible at the game.

But, for me, committing so long to a certain game at a time can take away some of the fun and joy of gaming. So, now, I want to spice it up. Play the free games that I get that interest me and finish them. The plus to that, is that would add to my trophies and achievements on different platforms. It's something I like to do.

I feel good about this flow. Apex Legends is my main go to game at the moment. But, having other games to play gives me a break to the monotony and stretches my brain. Also, I want to get lost in someone's story. So much work is put in these games. 

Now, that I'm finished with inFAMOUS, it's time for a "new to me" game. For this month, Uncharted 4 is free for PS Plus members. But, a surprise from Playstation, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is free because of this COVID-19 situation. Very cool of Sony. Take advantage and get these games while you can.

Here's some game play from my first session:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Fortnite and Travis Scott Event: Astronomical

Like many casual players, I've also fallen off the Fornite bus. I've barely played this season. Choosing Apex Legends as my main game and catching up on other games. But, Fortnite knows how to market and who to partner up with. So, this Astronomical event has my interest and I would mind collecting some of the items.

But, the big thing is the music. I gotta see what the show is about. I can't wait to see it.

For more info, go here.

Update: The challenges were easy. I completed them and got the Rage emote. So worth it.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Don't Forget To Download Your Free Games: Xbox LIve Gold, Playstation Plus, Twitch Prime

It might be too late to get Fable Anniversary. But, you can get Project Cars 2, Toybox Turbos, and Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle!

In April, PS Plus membership includes Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and DiRT Rally 2.0.

Twitch Prime Free PC Games for April 2020: 
- Earthlock 
- Kathy Rain 
- A Detective Is Born 
- Turok (Remastered) 
- Etherborn 
- Lightmatter

I was thinking recently that there are so many games I need to catch up on and play. I need to get some trophies and achievements. Enjoy the creations of these developers' hard work. So, get your free games with your memberships before it's too late. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

20 Years Since My Last Bus

My car broke down last week. So, I've been taking the bus. Had to get used to having a bus pass and getting to know the routes. I'm talking maybe 20 years since I've taken the bus. But, thank God for technology. Right on my phone, I can plan trips with ease. Then, a bus pass is so inexpensive. I was able to go to appointments with customers. No cancellations. No problems. That's how I made it to the library for Free Software Saturday. Jumped on a bus and got dropped off right next to it.

Sometimes I wonder why I have a car. But, I can't let go of the convenience. Plus, taking care of my mom, who's not down to walk long distances and take a bus these days. Luckily, she doesn't have any appointments soon. I'm working with a cousin to get the parts and get it fixed. He works a lot, so I'm in no rush. I'm just grateful. But, taking the bus has really got my gears spinning. I don't think the RTA and City promote this service to tourists enough. There should be a nice bus station downtown. Not everyone wants to take an uber or lyft everywhere. Those fees can add up in no time. The bus is so convenient. Climate control. Free wi-fi. I actually look forward to taking the bus. I know there's a stigma about it. Which is sad. "You don't have a car?" As if that's so important. Now, I understand people in other parts of this state and the world that don't own a vehicle. Public transportation is amazing.

Of course, you got to stay aware. Safety always comes first. Hand sanitizer. Trying not to attract too much attention. I'm looking into a more secure backpack.

Even after I get my car fixed I'm still going to take the bus some days. I'm glad the RTA gets the support they get. A much needed public service.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fight Or Fright Event On Apex Legends [Video]

Fight or Fright was a fun event on Apex Legends. I hadn't played Apex in a long time. But, I love Halloween events on games. And, this one was good. It took me away from other games. I really wanted the rewards for this one. The challenges were fun, but very intense at times. Getting to the ship to escape had me stressing for a few days. Keep in mind, I had to relearn how to play this game. I put in time to learn what the best settings were for this game. Which helped me a lot. The shadows were no joke in Shadowfall. I got taken down so many times.

But, I achieved more than I thought. I went for the 25 escapes and got them. I guess I can get pretty obsessive with some challenges.

This is my favorite escape since I know other players had to be mad about the placement of the escape ship.