Finally Finished inFAMOUS Second Son

I'm finally done with this game. I've been playing it on and off for years. I got it for free for being a PlayStation Plus. I've always enjoyed the series since PS3. It was fun to play.

 I'm terrible at committing to games for a long time. I spent 5 years on Destiny. I've played since it was in beta. Then, I spent a couple of years on Fortnite. After all that time, I'm still terrible at the game.

But, for me, committing so long to a certain game at a time can take away some of the fun and joy of gaming. So, now, I want to spice it up. Play the free games that I get that interest me and finish them. The plus to that, is that would add to my trophies and achievements on different platforms. It's something I like to do.

I feel good about this flow. Apex Legends is my main go to game at the moment. But, having other games to play gives me a break to the monotony and stretches my brain. Also, I want to get lost in someone's story. So much work is put in these games. 

Now, that I'm finished with inFAMOUS, it's time for a "new to me" game. For this month, Uncharted 4 is free for PS Plus members. But, a surprise from Playstation, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is free because of this COVID-19 situation. Very cool of Sony. Take advantage and get these games while you can.

Here's some game play from my first session:

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