Gunsmith Year 2: A Quick How To [Video]

When it comes to gaming, I feel as if I'm the slowest adapter to new changes. And, Destiny 2.0 is one massive change.

One of the biggest changes is that the Gunsmith now has bounties. You can borrow guns and complete their specific missions. (Be sure to read their missions. Unlike me, I just want to kill and blow up stuff. I was confused when I made no progress with certain weapons.) From there, you can either just keep using them or dismantle them. However, you can't store them in your vault. As soon as you reach level 1 with the Gunsmith, you'll be able to place orders for legendary weapons and pick them up a week later.

And, that's about it. See you online.

I found this video. It does a great job of explaining Armsday.


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