As-salamu alaykum

I've had a poster of him on my wall since I was a teenager. From one house to another. I guess it will never come down. I've read books about him. I've seen countless videos and movies about him. He's my life hero and inspiration. What Would Ali Do? Keep going. Never give up. 


"Impossible is Nothing."

Some will say that we were denied your greatness when you were stripped of your title for not going to war. I think that was your greatest victory ever. Not only did you win, but you were given back everything that was taken from you. With all that time off. With all the negativity. You still came back to claim the championship. Ali, Bumaye!

Sleep in Paradise, King, Legend, Inspiration, Hero to billions, The Prettiest Champ Ever. Never backed down from any challenge. The Greatest of All Time.

Now, Heaven welcomes you. 

Rahmatullah 'Alayk


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