Xbox One S Unboxing - No Kinect Port #Video [Updated]

The Xbox One S looks great. The new controller looks awesome and features Bluetooth. The interview is good. Plenty of information and changes for the new console. Until you realize one annoying, obvious thing. No Kinect port. Did they just abandon the technology? They don't talk about it. Will they allow for third party webcams? They don't talk about it. In this age of streaming, Twitch, and Youtube. And, of course, Microsoft's very own Skype. I can't imagine any console heading into the future without a camera. But, I guess only time will tell.

UPDATE: Well, it turns out that you can use the Kinect Adapter for Windows with the Xbox One S. And, you can even get for free if you already own a current Xbox One and the Kinect and you plan on ordering the new Xbox One S. You'll just need to give Microsoft all three serial numbers for each device. Learn more here.


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