Home: A Unique Horror Adventure [Video Game Review]

By: Vincent Esquivel

Official Website: http://homehorror.com/
Developer Website: http://www.benjaminrivers.com/

I recently bought this game during the second week of the Sale of the Dead in the PlayStation Store. A big selling point for me is the cross-play feature for PS4 and PS Vita. I feel like I get more bang for my buck. I suggest all developers do this. Pretty please.

It's one of those scary games that isn't too intense. If anything, it's more in your imagination. Perfect for me this Halloween. It's more text based than it is action.

It was fun to play. I like variety in gaming. From multi million dollar games that take forever to play to smaller indie games like this one that can be played within a couple of hours. I was able to get through this game in one try. I try not to give away any spoilers but I did get stuck in the water valve part. However, I didn't look for any help. No Google search or YouTube. I felt enough pride that I should be able to solve this puzzle. And, I was able to.

As a pointer, not all the dialog is done when you click through it. You may have to click over an object again to get the full story.

 In my first run I got 7 PlayStation trophies:

  • Slipping Away (Silver)
  • Grim Discovery (Bronze)
  • Stolen Identity (Bronze)
  • A Close Call (Bronze)
  • A Terrible Trajedy (Silver)
  • Escape Route (Bronze)
  • Cause and Effect (Bronze)
I recommend this game. I am going to play again and try to get the rest of the trophies. Well worth the price. Good story. Actually, I look forward to playing more of this developer's games. Be sure to connect with him online.

And, connect with me online. What trophies/achievements have you gotten?

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