Today is Gambit Day And It's Free For Everyone

For today only. Guardians on PS4, PC, and Xbox One will be able to play and try out Gambit all day. so, play your hearts out. The data Bungie gathers will help them make proper adjustments for the release of Forsaken.

So, how do you play?

From Polygon:
Gambit is Destiny’s first ever PvEvP game mode. Two teams of four players each drop into separate arenas, battling various enemies within those spaces. When the enemies are killed, they drop items called motes. Players gather and deposit motes in a giant, cylindrical bank in the middle of the arena. The first team to bank 75 motes spawns a boss, and the first team to take down their boss wins the round. Gambit matches play out in a best of three format.
The twist with Gambit comes in how players can mess with the opposing team. Banking motes in quantities of five, 10 and 15 will send extra enemies called Blockers to the other team’s bank area. Blockers lock down a bank, making it impossible to deposit any motes until they’ve been defeated. At certain points in the match, players can even invade their opponents’ arena physically, giving them a chance to kill members of the enemy team.

For more info and tips, continue reading the article Here.


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