Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fight Or Fright Event On Apex Legends [Video]

Fight or Fright was a fun event on Apex Legends. I hadn't played Apex in a long time. But, I love Halloween events on games. And, this one was good. It took me away from other games. I really wanted the rewards for this one. The challenges were fun, but very intense at times. Getting to the ship to escape had me stressing for a few days. Keep in mind, I had to relearn how to play this game. I put in time to learn what the best settings were for this game. Which helped me a lot. The shadows were no joke in Shadowfall. I got taken down so many times.

But, I achieved more than I thought. I went for the 25 escapes and got them. I guess I can get pretty obsessive with some challenges.

This is my favorite escape since I know other players had to be mad about the placement of the escape ship.

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