20 Years Since My Last Bus

My car broke down last week. So, I've been taking the bus. Had to get used to having a bus pass and getting to know the routes. I'm talking maybe 20 years since I've taken the bus. But, thank God for technology. Right on my phone, I can plan trips with ease. Then, a bus pass is so inexpensive. I was able to go to appointments with customers. No cancellations. No problems. That's how I made it to the library for Free Software Saturday. Jumped on a bus and got dropped off right next to it.

Sometimes I wonder why I have a car. But, I can't let go of the convenience. Plus, taking care of my mom, who's not down to walk long distances and take a bus these days. Luckily, she doesn't have any appointments soon. I'm working with a cousin to get the parts and get it fixed. He works a lot, so I'm in no rush. I'm just grateful. But, taking the bus has really got my gears spinning. I don't think the RTA and City promote this service to tourists enough. There should be a nice bus station downtown. Not everyone wants to take an uber or lyft everywhere. Those fees can add up in no time. The bus is so convenient. Climate control. Free wi-fi. I actually look forward to taking the bus. I know there's a stigma about it. Which is sad. "You don't have a car?" As if that's so important. Now, I understand people in other parts of this state and the world that don't own a vehicle. Public transportation is amazing.

Of course, you got to stay aware. Safety always comes first. Hand sanitizer. Trying not to attract too much attention. I'm looking into a more secure backpack.

Even after I get my car fixed I'm still going to take the bus some days. I'm glad the RTA gets the support they get. A much needed public service.


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